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Beat your competitors online.

There are important changes on your website that will grow your business.
BusinessPowered tells you how to make those changes.



Here’s What BusinessPowered Does for You

BusinessPowered makes marketing your business simple...very simple!


First, with your order you will list your 3 competitors and we compare them to your business. Then analyze why they are ahead of you and create a blueprint on how to beat them on Google results. Your best investment, only $97/per month gets your "Blue Print", monthly updates, and changes required. We show you how to beat your competitors and get ahead on Google with our competitive program.


With our Internet Marketing Club membership, we manage your web site. Delivering Fortune 500 level internet marketing that less than 5% of the marketing companies can match. Additionally, top national placement on Google and multiple pages on Google local. More strategies from social media to Google My Business with many, only the largest companies had before now.


Get Fortune 500 level internet marketing answers that less than 5% of the marketing companies can match, resulting in more leads, conversions, and sales. Clients have top national placement on Google, and multiple pages on Google local. Our Internet Patent relates to having a better understanding of Google and what is needed to place higher than your competitors in searches.

Don't Jepordize Your Business

Get Started with  How To Beat Your Competitors On Google. Our Proven Program Helps Your Business, Small or Large


How To Beat Your Competition On GoogleHaving a business myself for many years, I know you work hard as a company owner or manager. I do not want you to purchase our products or services thinking, overnight you will automatically be in the first position on Google. We work with different businesses to improve search engine rankings and ultimately beat their competitors through our proven digital internet marketing services.

We are not your average internet marketing company, rather a holistic company that offers more advanced end-to-end internet marketing solutions to grow your businesses and reaches new growth peaks. We understand how important it is to be the leader in your industry and not always sure what marketing will work without losing money.

We have been doing digital marketing online since 1994, the early years of online marketing. Over the years we have learned one size does not fit all for internet business advertising. Our marketing team has identified and mastered the right marketing mixs to gain top results on Google search in over 85 different business sectors. 

Every month we analyze your competitors, diagnose why they are ahead of you and prepare a current monthly report. This report is your "Blue Print" on what to do to start moving up in Google, and ultimately ahead of your competitors. We do this every month because online marketing is like a chess game. You make a move and then your opponent gets notified, analyzes your changes, then plans and implements their move. With Business Powered we keep you ahead with our monthly reports.

For companies that do not manage their own web site, we have our marketing club to make marketing easy for you. We are industry experts with Online Marketing, you will generate more traffic, leads, customers, and profits. We back our work up with the strongest promise and guarantee in the industry.

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Here's what our clients have been raving about

I wanted to take this time and let you WE ARE HAVING OUR BEST YEAR IN OVER 30 YEARS! You should know how happy we are with your services. We get SEO companies calling and approaching us every day for getting us on the first page of Google. We invited one national company in because they were very persistent. They said we were fortunate and they could not do as well. It is very clear no one has done what you have done for our marketing. I would highly recommend Business Powered to any business that wants to grow!
Amy Lee-CookJ&J Environmental Services

“We remove all the risk for you”

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Day


We are so confident that we are offering you BusinesssPowered exclusive promise. When we develop & implement your internet marketing, you start beating your competitors online in 30 to 45 days and not to exceed 90 days or we work for free until you do!