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Don’t Be Left Behind On The 2nd Page of Google Search Results

Learn about Google and how they started so no Marketing Company takes advantage of you.

Google,usually referred to as just Google or as Google Search, is a web search engine. The sequence of results on Google’s search results pages is based in part on a priority position called a “PageRank”.
The primary aim of Google Search is in freely accessible records made available by web servers. As opposed to other information, including pictures or information contained in databases to search for text. There are special features for dates, amounts, and some unique types, including ranges, costs, temperatures, measurement and cash unit conversions, computations, package tracking, patents, area codes,and language translation. All this is available in Google’s search system.


Google’s rise to success was mainly because of a patented algorithm called PageRank. This helped ranking web pages that fit a specified search string. When Google was a Stanford research project, it was nicknamed BackRub as the technology tests backlinks to determine a website’s value. The PageRank algorithm examines human-created links. Web pages linked from many pages that are significant are themselves likely to be significant.
In 2013, the European Commission found that Google Search favored Google’s own products, rather than offering consumers the very best result for their needs. In February, 2015, Google declared a major change to its cellular search algorithm which may favor cellular friendly over other sites. Almost 60% of Google’s internet search traffic now comes from mobile phones. Google says it needs its users to gain access to superior quality sites that are the most relevant. Those sites that lack a mobile friendly interface would be demoted in ranking. Most all companies have upgraded their sites to mobile friendly at this time.


Google Search Optimization

Many webmasters have gotten very aware of their site’s Google positions because Google is the most famous search engine. An industry of consultants and so-called SEO Gurus has sprung up to help business positions rise up on other search engines and on Google. They have created search tools for enhancing positions to attract more searchers to their customer’s websites. Today they are called search engine optimization programs which are sophisticated attempts to identify patterns in search engine listings to gain an advantage.

Search engine optimization encompasses both “On Page” factors such as body copy, name components, H1 heading components and image alt attribute values. “Off Page” optimization components includes such as anchor text, link building, social signals and more. The overall goal is to change Google’s relevance algorithm by including the keywords being targeted in several locations “on page” and “off Page strategies. The higher up on the webpage, the better it is for business.


Get Better Google Search Results

We have been awarded patents designed for use on the internet and do very well because we understand Google Patent filings for Google search results. We have years of success managing online SEM & SEO dating back to 1994. You will be glad you got your business Powered…Guaranteed!

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