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How to Get High Quality .EDU Backlinks
SEO BackLinks Generate EDU Backlinks With Top 3 Strategies

Generate edu backlinks for edu Links
SEO Benefits:
Get Higher Domain Authority
Get Higher Page Authority
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Get Higher Website Google Results


Are .EDU backlinks truly worth all that effort you have to put in getting them?

EDU Backlinks: How about all the time or money it takes , is it worth the time and money? SEO specialists have had this discussion for years. Depending who you listen to and trust. In our work we have seen a direct relationship with quality .edu Links and improvement in Google results.

Those who are professional .edu backlinks specialists consider they are certainly worth the attempt and promise that .edu link building is a rewarding task. They confirm that these link building strategies to get backlinks are the cream of the crop for Search Engine Optimization professionals. In a nutshell, quality edu links allow you to get on the very top of the SERPs quicker and can increase your rank compared to not having edu backlinks.

On the flip side, there’s an equivalent variety of Search Engine Optimization specialists who point out that most edu and .gov backlinks are really useless. Their reasoning isn’t flawed because they say there are many kinds of .edu strategies with different quality results to your SEO search results. Google says they give little to no additional power to .edu websites and cares about great content. Reality is that we all will agree that quality content is really your means of being rewarded by Google with a climb in the SERPs and establishing credibility. We stand firm on edu backlinks will not help you if you have bad content!

All things being equal with two sites and one has .edu links and one does not, all experts agree the one with .edu backlinks will have better results.

There are a lot of .edu links pointing to our clients websites and they are doing better in Google Search results because of Business Powered .edu link building.

Get 10 Scholarship .edu Links With Our Program and 12 Easy Payments To Help Get Higher Website Google Results Plus Good Community Public Relations That You Can Use In All Your Marketing.

Top 4 EDU Link Building Methods





Get ahead of your competition 


Free .edu Backlinks & How To Get The .edu Links

Lots of people believe that getting a backlink from an .edu website is plenty of work – it’s hard to produce content, it’s a pain, along with a group of other reasons. All good things take time, money or both to get what you want.

You must decide to get backlinks from edu sites.. Any old content without links will not go far today. Links are like votes and .edu links are like super votes.

Here are a few suggestions on the best way to get backlinks from edu websites that can give excellent results.

You have a choice of getting them on your site for the DIY crowd or have Business Powered get the .edu links and manage them for you. 


Samples Of Scholarship Pages


Lawyer ScholarshipsLawyer Websites Marketing

Here is a site that is offering a $1,000 dollar scholarship to a veteran.





Sign Company Website MarketingSign Company Marketing

Here is another providing a $3,000 dollar Scholarship.



Tractor Company Marketing

Tractor Company Website Marketing

Here is another providing a $1,000 dollar Scholarship.




Printing Company Website MarketingPrinting Company Marketing

Here is another providing a $1,000 dollar Scholarship for creativity.




Content Creation With EDU BacklinkContent EDU Links

Create content that is relevant to college professors, staff or students. 






 Develop relationships with local college professors or students.EDU Backlinks from College Blog

Work with university students or professors that are bloggers. See if you can provide guest blogs on their university sites. You can provide valuable advice or “How To Articles” of interest and relevance to the college or student body. Another popular subject is job search advice. This is one subject university websites may be happy to post your content, credentials and link to your website.


College Resources Content for edu Links

Student Resources

Students are College’s and Universities’ top priority. In order to help student success they provide a wide range of resources. Design and create content to help their experience and achieve their educational goals.


Let Business Powered help you develop and implement a .edu link generation program today

BP can help you with any program from Scholarship pages on your site and placing all the links on the college’s websites. We have clients with our minimum 25 links to over 200 .edu links promoting our clients scholarship program.

Do you have an idea for content to help students or professors? We have developed and implemented client’s ideas to blog posts. Business Powered has the experience and content writers that get the job done right the first time and published.

What do .edu Backlinks Cost?

You do not want to go out and buy backlinks. Google is against this type of action for the sole purpose of SEO.

Join our Marketing Club and get “real .edu backlinks” at 50% off.


Free EDU Backlinks

Google is more than aware of these type of sites. This one is very obvious, many provide the same junk at a high fee. These do not provide any results for seo and google will penalize you!


Backlinks can be found that are FREE, $15 links, $25 .edu backlinks and they are guaranteed not worth much, and the term “quality links” is pretty much meaningless. Everybody claims to build quality links. If your average cost per link is $15, I would suggest that the links you’re building may not actually be very high quality.

Here is an Example of What Time is involved for a “REAL VALUE” .edu backlink.

Let’s take guest blog posting for example. If you want to get a post published on an .edu authority site with strong editorial control and audience, you need a really solid article.

Writing: 2-4 hours

Any less and you are not going to “get it in the door” and it’s most likely not an attention getting article. To write a top 1% article, you could easily spend 10+ hours on a single guest post with original content research.

Editing/Graphics/etc: 1-3 hours

Outreach/Arranging Publication/Follow-up: 1-5 hours

If you’re targeting top known sites, you will even need to spend more time on outreach, working with the editors, building a relationship, selling ideas, etc. Yes, you can use programs to identify some sites and do an email blast and send it to 200 sites in an hour, but high level editors will just delete your email. Site editors are swamped by outreach emails and it takes effort to get through the noise. It might take 5+ hours of interaction, outreach, and pitching to get a “yes”.

So here are the “REAL FACTS” to .edu links that are worth their effort. You’re looking at 4 to 10+ hours of work. You can get offshore work for less and the grammar and quality shows 96% of the time. If their time is worth $25 per hour, that’s $100-$250+ for one link. If you’re hiring a marketing company, Moz data shows their average cost is $75-200 per hour. Now you are looking at $300-$2,000 for the same link. Join our Marketing Club and get “real .edu backlinks” at 50% off.

The true fact is that really good valuable .edu links take a lot of effort!

We Make Getting .edu Backlinks Easy, Convenient, and Affordable For You.

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