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Builders do not build a home without a goal and a plan to get the results they want for their home. Business Powered is the same with SEO & your goals. We recommend you start with one of our website SEO Audit and Site Evaluations. We have 3 different levels, one to fit your budget and business needs.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or the abbreviation SEO, is the procedure for getting traffic from “natural” search results, or the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” results on internet search engines. It’s the process by making sure the site ranks high on the results pages returned by the search engine.

This case study below was done for the search engine optimization for the HVAC leads and the process is what works in any industry. 

Everyone knows Google because it is the most popular and hardest to place your web page at the top. Below you can see there are 2,200,000 pages indexed and competing for the search term “SEO companies.” The larger this number is the more time, knowledge and strategies it takes to rank on top for the organic listings. You can see for the search “HVAC Contractors” on in Canada, there are 14,900,000 results competing. Our one national client, Elite Hvac Contractors ranks on the 1st or 2nd page depending on your searching location.

You can look in the results and find the site and review the different pages. 

Google SEO HVAC Contractors

Marketing - HVAC Leads - SEO

 Back To What Is Search Engine Optimization

Internet SEO is all about increasing the amount of visitors to a specific web site. Most search engine optimization firms use automated software applications to reach the majority of the search engines. This really is a lot better than having no search engine optimization work done on your own website. Most businesses use the tools that are automated, but that will not get you to the very best position on Google and several other search engines. To be able to reach better results you’ve got to really have a company like Business Powered that has knowledge, abilities, experience and keeps up with new rules posted by the various search engines. There’s technical optimization and content optimization for on page Search Engine Optimization that needs to be better than your competitions.

We Highly Recommend You Start Your SEO With One Of Our Web Site Audits

We Are Much More Than An SEO Company

With Business Powered Marketing Programs Growing Your Business & Profit is Easy.

You can also do SEO the hard way on your own.

Below Is a SEO Must Read

  1. Keyword Research.

There are many tools from paid to free to help you do your keyword research. This process is the same for all industries. Below you will see the basic process of what is involved in the advanced strategies of search engine optimization starting with keyword research.

SEO Keyword Research

2. Keyword Planning & URL Structure.

This is where experience and skill is used to separate you and have you pull ahead of the competition. I have altered these inputs below for proprietary protection.

SEO Keyword URL Structure

2. SEO Google Service Area.

You need to know who your best customers are and where they are so you can be in front of them when they search for what you have to offer.

Are your customers on a national Level?

Marketing Seo Lead Generation

Are they in a large regional area?

 SEO HVAC Reginal Metro

Are your Customers on a Local area?

Search Engine Optimization

 3. Google Keyword Cycle

Many businesses have a cycle in the HVAC business it is weather, Jewlry stores Valentines and holidays. Retail it is Christmas that the bulk of sales come into the business. You must have a plan to be successful and always be working on your web site to lead your industry. Google will not show inactive or stale content. Many companies will have a web site made and thing people will come. That is not true!

Search Engine Optimization for Heating & Cooling

4. Using All Your Keyword Research for On Page SEO

You must know where you are to get to where you are going. This starts with your main goal page. It could be a products page that you make your most profit. It could be a lead page to get leads for your sales team. Maybe you are having a holiday sale and you have a Special Event page you want to do very well.

You will notice each page has a list of 11 elements under report overview on this older tool. Here on this example we started with a rating of 69.9. I have intentionally left out The target keyword and supporting words related to the target. That is part of your keyword research.

SEO On Page Start

4. You Must Do A Competitive Analysis

This is also done for every step and phase of your own seo evaluation. Good business knows their competition. To win in business you must know what they are doing and how you plan to implement your strategy to meet your goals of profits, leads, growth or any number of topics .

In any business that is leading their industry you will find the organization to have a great culture, persistent at reaching their goals. They will also be consistent every day implementing the the skills and tasks that need to be done.

SEO Competitor analysis

5. Now Implement Your Keywords & Competitive Advantages

You have 11 different elements on each page of your web site. Below is a report from our efforts on just the title of the page.

Note they have been blurred out due to proprietary property..

This can not be done with SEO automation tools or programs it takes time and a lot of time. You want to spend half your time on the title because it is the most important part of your content search engine optimization. Below you can see it take multiple times with word weight, percentage and placement just in the title for high ranks in Google to beat your competition. If you have over a 75,000 pages for your search word that you want you will need to plan more than 8 hours on just one page.

Here is a sample of the title work to get the leading page in over a million pages being indexed. We basically started with 61.2 score rating and increased it to 85.7 to beat the competition and get on top of Google.

Note they have been blurred out due to proprietary property.

Website Title Development SEO

6. Now Implement Your Page Body Content

Do everything that we just went over for the title. The title may have 155 letters and the content could have 300 to 3000 words. You have to do some reverse engineering to find out the number you should be optimized. You google your keywords and see what the competition leading your industry average is for word count. Now you know your target that you can design this page content.

Note these have not been blurred out and created for education purposes to show you the detail for what goes into one page of content.

HVAC SEO Website Body Content

6.Google Analytics Demographics

You have to know who is doing the buying vs. shopping. There are many key performance factors that you need to monitor. I will go over these at another time.

Google Analytics - Demographics SEO

7. Web Site A/B Testing

Once you have the data you need then you can scientifically do additional pages with different sections like color, header, title and so on to see what provides you the best results to meet your goals.

Please realize many sections were left out for our competitive advantage. Just doing these steps will put you much further than many seo companies that provide SEO Internet Marketing Services.

This case study was done in the HVAC industry and the process is what works in any industry. 


Finding synonym in words used in web page

  • Use more LSI keywords.
  • Use consistent long tail keyword.
  • This will help google create accurate synonyms for your key word and your text can be used to answer like meaning, but varying search requests.

Ways to get your information shown in snippet

  • Focus major key-words in high priority sections like in front or at the back of your sentence or body.
  • Never over use the keywords all over your page.
  • Google can detect major parts of your body for generating snippets shown in your google result page. You increase CTR when your snippets answer the search intent correctly. We all want a better click through rate for our businesses.

How to use LSI key-words to increase results for many kinds of searches

  • This is time consuming but you must research and find the right LSI keywords related to your main keyword.
  • When the main keyword means many things in your content. This is a great time to use LSI keywords. You are helping Google determine the difference to rank your site to your relevant searches.
  • LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing a mathematical method that provides the relationship with concepts and terms in your content.


Ways to generate sitelinks shown under Google result

  • Increase your site-link showing by providing easier and more prominent display of your major links from your landing page.
  • You can demote less valued sitelinks using the “Demote Sitelink Url” feature in Google Webmaster Tools.

 Advertisement link Scoring

  • Showing advertisements is a way to improve ranking.
  • Related display ads from authority advertisers increases results.

Detecting link spamming

  • You get get most of your search engine optimization results during first time publishing your links. Afterwards edits are considered done for improving rank. You do not want link spam.
  • After edits Google may respond with a temporary unnatural ranking. Give it time to see if the un-natural results returns to normal. Do not have a quick reaction and immediately change again. This type of linking will hurt your rankings and go down as spam in the eyes of Google.

Links for quality ranking

  • Get one way links from a more varied source of website. Our one way links program is a great solution.
  • Links will be devalued when they come from similar or related sources.

Search Behavior of User

Showing results displayed as search suggestion

  • Get in results of your specific niche and intent by using correct LSI keywords.

User interaction scoring based in search results

  • Your ranking goes up on your search results when you improve user interactions. You do not want people leaving your page quickly, the longer used the better you get ranked.
  • Items that increase ranking includes your click through rate in Google search results, decision time time when accessing and movement within the search results itself. This can actually move you up or down in the results.

Geo Location

Ranking based on distance to query location

  • Consistency and volume is the secret and the solution. You must include a consistent Name, Address and Phone if you operate a brick-and-mortar business. All your citations must be exactly alike with no exception.
  • Local relevance of links, articles, subjects will help.
  • You can not have any content duplication for service area pages.
  • This is because location is a big factor in local search

This is some of the information we use everyday. At Business Powered there are a lot more detailed rules and new in depth processes we provide to get top rankings. Our marketing clubmarketing strategies will help you achieve any goal for your business.

Here are free, and easy to use web site tools. I’ve collected a sampling of the best free SEO tools on the market with a wide variety of uses and covering a number of common needs.

I hope you enjoy and check-out Business Powered Marketing Club and Internet Marketing Stratrgies.

17 Free and Easy SEO & Website Tools

1. Check the speed and usability of your site on multiple devices

Google PageSpeed Insights

2. See how your local business looks online

Moz Local Listing Score

3. 700+ keyword ideas based on a single keyword

4. Complete web stats and search insights

Google Analytics

5. Constant website analysis, alerts, and error reports

Google Webmaster Tools + Bing Webmaster Tools

6. Comprehensive link analysis

Open Site Explorer

7. Know what people search for

Google Keyword Planner

8. Discover auto-fill opportunities in an Incognito Window

9. Changes in search volume for key terms

Google Trends

10. Customize the way your search results appear

Schema Creator

11. View site stats for any domain for competitive analysis


12. See where your site ranks for certain terms

SERPs Rank Checker

13. Performance dashboard for search and social rankings

Searchmetrics Website Analyzer

14. Discover errors on your site

Find Broken Links

15. Check for duplicate content – See who has taken your information


16. Structured data helps to provide context to the information on your page.

Structured Data Testing Tool

17. Website Penalty Checker


Website Penalty Indicator



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