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Odds Are Your Advertising Agency & Google SEO is Wrong!


Get more customers at the very moment they’re searching on Google for your products and services.

There are hundreds and hundreds of Advertising Agencies competing for your SEO Google Local Business Listings. We are much more than a Google SEO service company getting you clicks. Business Powered provides you with a single source means to grow your business and improve your profits. This is achieved by analyzing your marketing position. Developing how you are different than your competition. Implementing a strategy to reach your goals. We help you to be successful with an option to add to your marketing department a Virtual Marketing Manager. BP also provides Internet Marketing Services and business consulting on a schedule that meets your needs to increase your profits and market share.


Internet Marketing Services


Why The Business Powered Advertising Agency?

We get you out of the shadows of your leading competitors with better Google rankings in search results! We manage all business situations for marketing. Business Powered supports in-house marketing teams, the do it yourself business owner who needs guidance. The business CEO who wants to outsource to do all their work and not have the cost of employees. Known to Marketing Agencies that specialize in web development that have clients that want to rank higher in Google, we are their go to SEO company. We are a Fortune 500 Level advertising agency with a unique business model featuring marketing memberships, strategies, and consulting for medium to small size businesses.

Business Powered has at least one product and/or service to help you get more customers to your business. Book your FREE Marketing Consultation online today.

Online Marketing starts with getting the right competitive and business information through research to develop a successful plan for success using our large selection of internet marketing strategies. Then comes implementation and consistency. This is where many marketing companies and business fail. All successful business people will tell you that you must be persistant and consistant. So we offer a marketing membership just like a gym. Included is a full marketing department specializing in internet marketing services. The marketing membership is designed so you have projects being done on your website every week along with a long list of services. This freshness is exactly what Google Local Business listings loves. You also get marketing strategies and programs only the largest companies had access to before today.

Thinking about improving your bottom line profits? We also offer 3 consulting opportunities. They are Web Site Consulting, Marketing Consulting and Business Consulting to power your business for more profits.

You get proven success with Fortune 500 level management, digital marketing and SEO for branding and sales with over 150 companies. Our Founder personally launched, developed and sold a membership marketing software company in only 8 years. Then built another multi-million dollar business and operated it for 27 years with TOMA – (Top of Mind Awareness) prior to selling.

All this business knowledge, marketing experience and proven success is available to help you achieve the degree of success you deserve.



  • Columbia Pacific University, 1992 -1997

Field Of Study: MBA Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services

  • Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, 1990-1991

Field Of Study:Marketing Development Program


Marketing Interest:

Led management teams for many years in senior management roles. The last decade highlighted experience in leading many businesses to an online presence. Exemplary performance in training, traditional marketing, digital marketing, e-commerce, and unmatched comprehension of Local SEO and SEM. Easily accomplished the national top position for top level keywords. Have dominated Service Area over 150 miles from the main office. One company had over 1,278 keywords on the first page of Google. This is the result of our internet marketing services included in your marketing membership.


Business Awards:

• Highest fundraiser amount, The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Northeastern Pennsylvania, 2011
• Outstanding achievement in Business, 2011
• Salesperson of the Year, 2007
• US Patent: Number 6434536. “Methods and Systems for E-Commerce”, 1998.


Business Testimonials:


Robert SintonRobert Sinton

President & Co-Founder, Sandler Training at The Training Center For Sales & Business Development, Inc.

    “I’ve known, worked with and watched Tim Geiger with his clients for over (20) years…you won’t, too easily, find any more of a professional in the IT, SEO, marketing, etc. world…his attention to detail, expertise & knowledge is second to none…it’s certainly been MY pleasure having interacted with him all these years…”

Ryan LindstadtRyan Lindstadt

Owner, Diplomat Closet Design Inc.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tim during a very interesting growth period in our company. It was incredible to see how he can take a very broad overview, break it down into integral parts and say, very confidently, what needs to be done to be successful. His track record speaks for itself, but his professionalism and manner in which he conducts his business are second-to-none. We are extremely fortunate to be working with Tim… It’s no surprise that so many businesses have reached, and then surpassed their full potential after working with him!”

Laura LorenzLaura Lorenz

Marketing Strategist / Author / Speaker / Duct Tape Marketing Consultant / Gold Hubspot Partner

    “Tim has done impressive work in getting better Google rankings for the companies that he has worked with. He is knowledgeable and current in all facets of internet marketing. Tim can definitely help your HVAC company get more traction on the internet!”
Dolly Woody

Dolly Woody

Executive Director at Susan G. Komen for the Cure-Northeastern Pennsylvania Affiliate

    “Tim is a creative thinker and used his management and business skills to create a uniquely successful fundraiser to benefit the 21st Annual Komen NEPA Race for the Cure. Tim didn’t stop there. He also formed a team to walk in the event and was able to get local media and bloggers to promote his companies team. It was his management and leadership skills and passion for the cause that helped his team win the top fundraiser award for the 2011 Race for the Cure”.



Whether you’re looking for Google Local Business listing marketing companies to grow your business, bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, Business Powered can help. Your business gets found by people on Google precisely when they’re searching for the products and services that you offer. Business Powered advertising agency will get you more business and higher profits.


For Your Business To Rank Well In Google, It Takes Much More Than Just SEO

Business Powered helps you get found managing all the Google search ranking algorithms! Your company can have your business name and website show up in Google Search when you are towns away from the person doing the search. We lower your cost per customer acquisition, increase purchases and increasing your profits.


Learn The Facts:

  1. What is search engine optimization and what does it take to be successful?. Click here.
  2. What is the one marketing-strategy all the corporate internet businesses use and don’t want you to know about?. Click here.


Google SEO Companies

We Go Way Beyond On Page SEO For You

Business Powered encompasses all the total factors that drive traffic not just SEO. With Google’s changing rules both the technical and creative components are needed to boost positions and rank well. There are many different parts that make your SEM program a success that many SEO Google Local Business Listings Companies don’t do. We use more strategies for your success, see for yourself, click here.


The Difference Between an SEO Company and Business Powered is Huge

Getting on the first page of Google does not guarantee you more money in business. Many marketing companies can get you placement that does not turn into dollars in your bank. When these companies talk about marketing they are automatically talking about tactical marketing. Placing ads, Pay Per Click with adwords, generating leads, sending out mailers, trade shows, social media, implementing a follow-up system and so on. They fail to realize the strategic side of the coin, what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to … is almost always more important than the marketing source where you say it!


The Business Powered Advertising Agency Is Like No Other Marketing Company…

With a Marketing Club… 

And a One Year Marketing Guarantee!


Your Next Recommended Step to Grow Business & Profits:

Select “One” of the following:

  • Join Our Internet Marketing Club, the core of our business. See why so many businesses are joining.
  • Get your web site audit and analysis completed, starting at $98.00
  • Book a FREE consultation to consult with you one-to-one  “How to get more customers” No Fee & NO Obligation. I know this is crazy and you do not get this offer in Internet marketing industry. This gives you a no risk chance to get to know if there is a fit for both of us. We always make sure you are happy with our services. After clients get advice with our one-to-one consulting they like it so much, 98.2% of them continue with one of our other products or services!


Don’t Settle For Just an SEO Internet Marketing Services Firm

We have years of successful Business Management, online Digital Marketing & Google SEO dating back to 1994. Also have been awarded patents for online and do very well because we understand Google Patent filings for search results. You will be glad you got your business Powered…Guaranteed!